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Spanish Sicavs

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Institutionals SICAVs

Legal Information

March Asset Management manages three institutional SICAVs with the aim of pooling resources between small and large investors and continuing to grow together.


KID's Annex I

KID's Annex II Brochure Sustainability-related disclosures


Annex II 


Annex IV

2Q Report 4Q Report Annual Report Notice of Shareholders’ Meeting Announcements
ES0116561038 Cartera Bellver S.I.C.A.V., S.A.  
ES0158867038 Lluc Valores S.I.C.A.V., S.A.  
ES0179551231 Torrenova de Inversiones S.I.C.A.V., S.A.  

Non-institutional SICAVs

Legal Information

ISIN SICAV KID  KID's Annex I KID'S Annex II Brochure 2Q Report 4Q Report Annual Report Notice of Shareholders’ Meeting Announcements
ES0105786034 Acherfor Inversiones, SICAV S.A.  
ES0115903033 Canovas 98, SICAV S.A.    
ES0115852032 Cansilu, SICAV S.A.    
ES0116382039 Cartera Bellver 5, SICAV S.A.  
ES0138191038 Findiner SICAV S.A.    
ES0116871031 Gascona Inversiones, SICAV S.A.  
ES0155192034 INV. Financieras Ferrinvest, SICAV, S.A.  
ES0164133037 Inversiones Mobiliariais Aletheia, SICAV, S.A.              
ES0158597007 Jupiter Inversiones, SICAV S.A.    
ES0166773038 Kai-Gane Inversiones Financieras, SICAV S.A.    
ES0158591034 Lonchicar SICAV, S.A.              
ES0158607038 Losiram Cuatro, SICAV S.A.  
ES0166118002 Nemo Capital, SICAV S.A.  
ES0184987008 Otein Cartera de Inversión, SICAV S.A.    
ES0169825009 Pietrain Inversions, SICAV S.A.    
ES0172218036 Puebla Alcarria, SICAV S.A.  
ES0176113035 Sipadan Inversiones, SICAV S.A.  
ES0178647030 Testarrosa 1985, SICAV S.A.  
ES0184391037 Vivar Inversiones, SICAV S.A.    

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