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Banca March’s fund management company allows you to access up-to-date legal information on its Investment Funds, affording complete security.

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Legal Information

ISIN Fund Data Sheet KID  KID's Annex I KID's Annex II Brochure Sustainability-related disclosures


Annex II


Annex IV

2Q Report 4Q Report Annual Report Common Draft Terms of Merger Notice of Merger
ES0112762002 Best Ideas A, FI        
ES0112762010 Best Ideas B, FI        
ES0112762028 Best Ideas P, FI        
ES0138841038 Fonmarch A, F.I.    
ES0138841004 Fonmarch C, F.I.    
ES0138841012 Fonmarch S, F.I.    
ES0110086032 Horizonte Global, F.I.          
ES0123541007 March Cartera Conservadora F.I. A
ES0123541015 March Cartera Conservadora I EUR
ES0160747004 March Cartera Decidida F.I. A
ES0160747012 March Cartera Decidida I EUR
ES0160921039 March Cartera Defensiva F.I. A    
ES0160921005 March Cartera Defensiva I EUR    
ES0123549000 March Cartera Moderada F.I.
ES0123549018 March Cartera Moderada I EUR
ES0160746030 March Europa Convicción A F.I.    
ES0160746006 March Europa Convicción C, F.I.    
ES0160746014 March Europa Convicción S, F.I.    
ES0160982031 March Global Quality A, F.I.    
ES0160982007 March Global Quality C, F.I.    
ES0160982015 March Global Quality S, F.I.    
ES0160990000 March Patrimonio Corto Plazo A, F.I.    
ES0160990018 March Patrimonio Corto Plazo C, F.I.    
ES0160990026 March Patrimonio Corto Plazo S, F.I.    
ES0161032034 March Renta Fija Corto Plazo A, F.I.
ES0161032026 March Renta Fija Corto Plazo B, F.I.
ES0161032000 March Renta Fija Corto Plazo C, F.I.
ES0161032018 March Renta Fija Corto Plazo S, F.I.
ES0160924017 March Renta Fija Flexible A, F.I.            
ES0160924025 March Renta Fija Flexible B, F.I.            
ES0160924009 March Renta Fija Flexible L, F.I.            
ES0160938009 March Renta Fija 2025, F.I.                        
ES0160815009 March Renta Fija 2025 II, F.I.
ES0160993004 March Renta Fija 2025 Garantizado, F.I.              
ES0160994002 March Renta Fija 2026 Garantizado, F.I.              
ES0160750008 March Renta Fija 2026 (Antes March Rentabilidad Objetivo 2023) F.I.            
ES0160873008 March Tesorero A, F.I.    
ES0160873024 March Tesorero C, F.I.    
ES0160873016 March Tesorero I, F.I.    
ES0160873032 March Tesorero S, F.I.    
ES0175426008 March Flexible Max 30 A          
ES0175426032 March Flexible Max 30 B          
ES0175426016 March Flexible Max 30 L          
ES0118581034 March Portfolio Max 65 A          
ES0118581000 March Portfolio Max 65 B          
ES0118581018 March Portfolio Max 65 L          

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