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Investment Process


Active and direct management

Our portfolio creation aims to maximise the investment team’s best ideas creating a portfolio with the principal convictions of the manager in accordance with the investment policy and the specific level of risk of each strategy.

As for Equity, we aim to select global companies which imply buy opportunities, that offer an attractive valuation and whose fundamentals remain solid over time.




The risk control is a critical variable to asset management and both, the Investments Director and the Director of control of the Asset Management, supervise the portfolio positions, the normative risks and the operative processes, reporting to the Risk Committee.

The brace return / risk is one of the principal factors that determines the management of March A.M. We expect to be rewarded for the risk assumed in the portfolio.

The managers constantly monitors the different positions and review them in case any unexpected change to its performance occurs.

We adopt a dual department risk control represented by the Investments Officer and the the Control Department Officer who report twice a month to the Risk and Management Committee, composed of executives from March A.M. and Banca March.

The control department analyses every day the composition and structure of the portfolios in order to safeguard that both the regulatory and intern requirements are complied with, always in accordance with the investment guidelines of each strategy.