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Investment process

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It is a systematic process, led by experienced professionals.

Active and direct management

Portfolio construction seeks to create a portfolio that maximises the investment team's best ideas while aligning with the manager's core beliefs, the investment policy, and the risk level of each strategy.

At March AM, our investment team includes ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) assessments of the various assets we invest in, are investing in, or are analysing. This provides a broader picture of the risks and opportunities they present from an ESG perspective.


In Equities, we look for companies that offer a buying opportunity, with solid fundamentals over long periods, regardless of location, and which are undervalued.

Investment universe

Fixed Income

In Fixed Income we invest in high-quality issuances, and also, opportunistically, in issuances below Investment Grade (BBB-), specialising in EUR issuances.

Risk control is a crucial aspect of asset management. The Chief Investment Officer and Head of Control oversee portfolio positions, regulatory risks and operational processes, and report to the Risk Committee.

The risk/return profile is a key driver of our investment decisions at March A.M. Customers naturally seek to generate returns that compensate for the risks taken in our portfolios.

Managers constantly monitor all positions and investigate any unexpected patterns that may emerge.

We take a two-pronged approach to risk management, in which the Chief Investment Officer and the Head of the Control Department work alongside each other. Once a month, they report to the Management and Risk Committee, which is made up of March A.M. and Banca March executives.

The monitoring department analyses the composition of the portfolios on a daily basis to ensure compliance with regulatory and internal requirements. This is always done in accordance with the investment guidelines of the individual strategies.

*Investment process applicable to Investment and Pension Funds

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