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Legal Information

March Asset Management, S.G.I.I.C., S.A.U. (from here, March A.M.), holder of Spanish Fiscal Identification Code A-82734807, is an institution with registered address at Madrid (Spain), Calle de Castelló, No. 74 (Postal code 28006), which has been placed on record at the Commercial Register of Madrid in Volume 15,551, Section 8, Folio 161, Sheet M-261,724, and at the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission Register under number 190.

1.- Terms of Use and Legal Notice

a- By using this e-portal and any of its pages (from here, the Site) you agree to these terms and conditions. You are recommended to read these terms and conditions carefully before making use of the contents of the Site of MARCH A.M.

b- The contents of the Site of MARCH A.M., and more particularly, any and all adverts, are not to be considered as binding offers, but as mere information inviting users to participate, Site users being responsible in any case for verifying said information and deciding whether or not they wish to participate. Binding offers are expressly identified as such, when effectively made by MARCH A.M..

c- Before you decide to make an investment, you are advised to seek proper and specific professional advice. Please bear in mind that past returns are not a guarantee of future returns. Please also bear in mind that discrepancies may exist between printed and electronic versions of documents concerning MARCH A.M.’s products and services. Kindly check the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission ( web page for detailed information on said products and services.

d- MARCH A.M. may, at any time, update or change the terms and conditions and the Contents of the Site, in total or in part, as well as suspending or restricting access to the Site temporarily or permanently, where circumstances so advise or require.

e- References made on the Site to a product, service, process or any other kind of information using the brand, trade name, domain or manufacturer, supplier or provider of a third party do not entail a recommendation on the part of MARCH A.M. of, and MARCH A.M. shall not be held responsible for, the contents, quality, accuracy and updated nature thereof. You are advised to check this information at the relevant source of origin, notwithstanding any links or hyperlinks granting access to said third-party sites from the Site.

f- MARCH A.M. shall be held harmless of the consequences arising from an improper use of the contents of the Site, the use of the Site by minors, or the use of the Site by people who, pursuant to their domestic laws, are not allowed to access this type of web pages or the products and services described on the Site.

g- MARCH A.M. shall be held harmless of any potential security errors that might occur as a result of the use of browsers that have not been upgraded or the effects and consequences that may arise out of an improper use of your browser as a result of computer viruses or any other incidental causes or factors beyond MARCH A.M.’s control.

2.- Personal Details

MARCH A.M. fully complies, at all times, with the data protection regulations currently in force, and is committed to making its best efforts in order to prevent that personal details are altered, lost, or handled or accessed by non-authorized persons. MARCH A.M. has adopted any and all necessary measures to ensure that normally required safety standards are met, according to the characteristics of and the circumstances in which personal details are handled.

3.- Internal Code of Conduct

MARCH A.M. has implemented an Internal Code of Conduct. All MARCH A.M. employees, officials and advisors are required to comply therewith, and generally with the general rules of conduct and behavior set out in the legislation in force.

4.- Money Laundering Prevention

MARCH A.M. fully assumes its obligations under money laundering prevention regulations.

5.- General Investment Guarantee Fund

MARCH A.M. is part of the General Investment Guarantee Fund (FOGAIN, for its abbreviation in Spanish). The purpose of FOGAIN is to cover its customers financially, in the event that MARCH A.M. should become insolvent.

FOGAIN ensures that cash is reimbursed and that securities and financial instruments are restored to customers, as follows:

  • Maximum cover: EUR 100,000.
  • Cover applies per holder.
  • FOGAIN calculates the global credit position amount against the Managing Company of each holder.

For more information about FOGAIN, please visit the following web page:

6.- Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, the Site, including its pages, screens, contents, appearance, design, codes and links, is the property of MARCH A.M.. MARCH A.M. reserves any and all operation rights (reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation). Notwithstanding the foregoing, and at your own risk, you may download the contents of, and copy and print any information available on the Site for personal purposes only, provided that you do not violate the intellectual property rights of MARCH A.M.. Under no circumstances may you reproduce, transmit, communicate or modify the contents of the Site, directly or indirectly, without the prior and express authorization of MARCH A.M..

7.- Customer Care

In compliance with the provisions of article 9 of Orden ECO/734/2004, de 11 de marzo, sobre los departamentos y servicios de atención al cliente y el defensor del cliente de las entidades financieras, the Spanish Order on customer services and departments and the customer ombudsman at financial institutions (Official Gazette of the State no. 72, of March 24), you are informed that MARCH A.M., as an affiliate of Banca March, S.A., has a Customer Care Department and has appointed a Customer Ombudsman.

  • Customer Service Department:

Mr. D. Pedro Valdivia. Address: Avenida Alejandro Rosselló, No. 8 (Palma de Mallorca-07002). Telephone No.: 971779422. Fax No.: 971779398. E-mail:

  •    Customer Ombudsman:

Mr. José Luis Gómez-Dégano y Ceballos-Zúñiga. Address: Calle Raimundo Fernández de Villaverde, nº 61, 8º Dcha, (Madrid- 28003). Telephone No.: 914295661. Fax No.: 914292319.

Complaints and claims shall be handled as set out in the Customer Service Regulation of Banca March, S.A. and the institutions forming part of its Group, as approved by the Executive Commission of Banca March, S.A. in its meeting held on 13 July 2004. You may obtain a copy of the aforementioned regulation at the offices of MARCH A.M., at any Banca March, S.A. office, on the Internet at, or by sending an e-mail to


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