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Spanish Sicavs

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Institutionals SICAVs

Legal Information

March Asset Management manages three institutional SICAVs with the aim of pooling resources between small and large investors and continuing to grow together.

ISIN SICAV Data Sheet KIID Brochure Sustainability-related disclosures  1Q Report 2Q Report 3Q Report 4Q Report Annual Report Notice of Shareholders’ Meeting Announcements
ES0116561038 Cartera Bellver S.I.C.A.V., S.A.
ES0158867038 Lluc Valores S.I.C.A.V., S.A.
ES0179551231 Torrenova de Inversiones S.I.C.A.V., S.A.

Non-institutional SICAVs

Legal Information

ISIN SICAV KIID Brochure 1Q Report 2Q Report 3Q Report 4Q Report Annual Report Notice of Shareholders’ Meeting Announcements
ES0105786034 Acherfor Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0156731038 Aranitxigarpei, SICAV S.A.
ES0114807037 Back Scholes, SICAV, S.A.  
ES0113952032 Banyan Investment, SICAV S. A.
ES0114492038 Bejuvial, SICAV S.A.
ES0114355003 Belotiron 1960, SICAV S.A.
ES0114580006 BH Valores, SICAV S.A.
ES0115903033 Canovas 98, SICAV S.A.
ES0115852032 Cansilu, SICAV S.A.
ES0116382039 Cartera Bellver 5, SICAV S.A.
ES0116383037 Cartera Calobra 3, SICAV, S.A.
ES0116431034 Cartera LD 78 SICAV, S.A.
ES0119067009 Cartera Tofi, SICAV S.A.
ES0123614036 Consulnor Inversiones Financieras La Rioja, SICAV S.A.
ES0125791030 Dealing Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0125891038 Delfi Bolsa, SICAV S.A.
ES0126505033 Dinerinversion, SICAV S.A.
ES0126812033 Djenne Capital, SICAV S.A.
ES0138191038 Findiner SICAV S.A.
ES0139105003 Fot Valor, SICAV S.A.
ES0140491038 Fusopar, SICAV S.A.
ES0140697030 Galiruben Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0140802036 Gama Bursátil, SICAV S.A.
ES0116871031 Gascona Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0142494030 Goinei Inversiones Financieras, SICAV S.A.
ES0155192034 INV. Financieras Ferrinvest, SICAV, S.A.
ES0155271036 Inversiones Avanti, SICAV S.A.
ES0155102033 Inversiones Financieras Artxanda I, SICAV S.A.
ES0155199039 Inversiones Financieras CBA, SICAV S.A.
ES0135963033 Inversiones Financieras Suton PL, SICAV, S.A.
ES0135964007 Inversiones Financieras Vitasa, SICAV S.A.
ES0152289031 Inversiones Julgab, SICAV S.A.
ES0155193032 Inversiones Marítima Pasoal, SICAV S.A.
ES0155989033 Inversiones Sezur SICAV, S.A.
ES0155618038 Inversiones Tambre SICAV, S.A.
ES0156007033 Inversiones Visansa, SICAV S.A.
ES0156231039 Irving Invest, SICAV S.A.
ES0122141031 Istiña, SICAV S.A.
ES0158597007 Jupiter Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0166773038 Kai-Gane Inversiones Financieras, SICAV S.A.
ES0123132039 Karenza Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0156941033 Kginvess, SICAV S.A.
ES0157352032 Koopmans Inversiones, SICAV S.A
ES0158081135 Lecantal, SICAV S.A.
ES0158481038 Linker Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0158561037 Lodima Group Investment 2000, SICAV S.A.
ES0158607038 Losiram Cuatro, SICAV S.A.
ES0115542039 Marco Finance, SICAV S.A.
ES0161012036 Marjami 2, SICAV S.A.
ES0164218036 Mobomi, SICAV S.A.
ES0166118002 Nemo Capital, SICAV S.A.
ES0184987008 Otein Cartera de Inversión, SICAV S.A.
ES0168807032 Patrinvest Inversión, SICAV S.A.
ES0169825009 Pietrain Inversions, SICAV S.A.
ES0172218036 Puebla Alcarria, SICAV S.A.
ES0181664030 Quemora Valores, SICAV S.A.
ES0173700032 Review Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0174042004 Rialsama Cartera e Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0175051038 Santacabe SICAV, S.A.
ES0176015032 Silobar SICAV, S.A.
ES0176113035 Sipadan Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0176642009 Suevia Inversiones SICAV, S.A.
ES0178523033 Tepic de Inversiones SICAV, S.A.
ES0178647030 Testarrosa 1985, SICAV S.A.
ES0179208030 Tietar Finanzas, SICAV S.A.
ES0180705008 Tres Creus Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0180941033 Tusak Inversiones SICAV, S.A.
ES0181086036 Union 400, SICAV S.A.
ES0182803132 Valores Bilbainos, SICAV S.A.
ES0167935032 Valvalsa 2005, SICAV S.A.
ES0183303033 Vertice Cartera de Inversiones Siglo XXI, SICAV S.A.
ES0183571001 Vian 2013 de Inversiones, SICAV S.A.
ES0184391037 Vivar Inversiones, SICAV S.A.

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