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March Pensiones 50/50, F.P.

Savers who want to invest in a moderate way for their retirement, maintaining an equity exposure around the 50%

It is a mixed pension fund where investment in fixed income is combined with equity investment. The neutral investment in global equities will be of 50%, being able to reach to 75% if the managers deem it as opportune.

Both in the equity and in the fixed income the active management is present. In equity we implement our ideas of investment at a global scale, selecting those companies in which we believe and which we have studied: stable, low leveraged businesses, with high yield for dividends, good management margin and high-level management team.

The strategy we implement in the fixed income part focuses on finding the best investment opportunities within the fixed income universe: Sovereign Debt, corporate, monetary-market instruments, low currency risk (only 5% of the portfolio may be in a currency other than the EUR). It positions itself in those assets that show best value increase potential and trying to reduce the interest rates risks taken, maintaining a range of duration of 2-4 years.

Saving for our retirement taking some risk since we take advantage of the opportunities that gives us the equity to obtain, in the long-term, an interesting yield. For people with a conservative profile who want to complement the public pension.

In this proposal we combine two of the strategies that March AM manages individually, the global equities and the fixed income in EUR, with excellent results, being in the year 2017 third in its category, according to Diario Expansión.

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