Lluc Valores SICAV, S.A.

What is it?

  • The fund is one of three Institutional SICAV managed by March A.M. aimed at a high risk profile investor.
  • The portfolio´s investment objective is to beat the main Global Equities markets with lower volatility.
  • The fund’s Global Equities exposure is about 70% in neutral market conditions, but with no restrictions on this level.
  • Currency risk is erased in its Equity investments, except for specific situations where currency could act as a natural hedge for market movements.

Why to invest?

  • The fund’s investment objective is capital preservation and value generation within a controlled risk framework, always bearing in mind that it is investing in Equities.
  • Broadly diversified portfolios across different asset classes minimize unnecessary market risk. Our asset management model  is dynamic, with wide range of exposure to equities and fixed income, and global, with investments not limited by geographic area, sector or financial instrument.
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