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March Global F.I.

Investing at a global scale is complex. In March A.M we have over 20 years of experience doing investments in good companies at a global scale.

Europe, USA, Japan… but also emerging countries. Multinational companies, and also local businesses. Large companies and small companies.

In March Global all these regions, sectors, types of companies have room. We do not follow any index, we only invest in the companies in which we believe and which we have studied: stable, low-leveraged businesses, with high profitability for dividends, good management of the margins and management team of high level. All of these companies,  have also been bought with a discount on our target price.

March Global is the result of our worldwide selection of companies.

When we can invest globally a whole world of opportunities is opened to us , both in developed and emerging countries. We can invest in trends, in highly specialised companies or in large conglomerates. But above all, we can invest in different management teams, different business cultures and that, when building the portfolio, can be complemented. The result is a diversified portfolio, with less risk than the market and with those ideas, businesses and trends that give better results in the long-term.

The yield of March Global was -2.14% in September compared with -3.04% for the MSCI World Local Currency. Year to date, the fund’s yield is -19.37% and the index is -0.33%.

Consumer staples, industry and materials are the sectors with the greatest weight. By country, the fund focuses its investments on Switzerland, the United States and Germany.

In September, we reduced our position in Remy Cointreau.

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Antonio López Silvestre

Head of European and Spanish Equities

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