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March Renta Fija Corto Plazo F.I.

Previously known as March Premier Renta Fija Corto Plazo, F.I.

To obtain a yield in accordance with the short-term rates in EUR besides protecting the capital.

With a vocation of monetary fund, but categorised as fixed income since we can invest in issues with maturities of up to 5 years and up to 25% of issues below the investment grade.

We try to seize the opportunities that arise in the shortest end of the yield curve investing in public and/or private fixed income assets (including deposits and money market instruments listed or not, that are liquid).

It will not have currency risk exposure; issuers as well as their markets will be in Spain, the Eurozone and the OECD.


The flexibility offered by the investment in low-quality credit issues as well as investing in bonds with maturities up to 5 years helps us to maintain similar characteristics to a monetary fund, but with more tools to generate a better yield for the participant.

It is a very interesting investment if we want a substitute for current account liquidity as long as this investment is hold over a period of time of at least 6 months.

The yield of March Premier Renta Fija Corto Plazo was +0.08% in September compared with -0.04% for the Euribor 3m. Year to date, the fund’s yield is -0.58% and the index is -0.30%.

Overall, there was little activity over this period, focused on the money market due to a greater supply of primary products centred on commercial paper, both guaranteed by the Official Credit Institute and unguaranteed.

Finance, government and industry are the sectors with the greatest weight. By country, the fund focuses its investments in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The portfolio’s IRR is at 0.57%, with a duration of 0.46 years.

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Marta González Labián

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

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Francisco Herrero Pérez-Griffo

Head of Fixed Income

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