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March Patrimonio Corto Plazo F.I.

To Obtain a yield in accordance with the 1 year types of EUR, apart from capital protection.

Short-term fixed income strategy, maintaining a maximum duration of 1 year. It does not have restrains regarding the maturity of the issues, given that they do not exceed the portfolio duration. Moreover, the fund cannot invest more than a 25% in issues below the investment rating.

We try to seize the opportunities that arise in the long-end of the interest rates curve, investing in public and/or private fixed income assets (including deposits and instruments of the monetary market listed or not, that are liquid).

Every issue will be denominated in EUR and the issuers of the bonds will be established in any country of the OECD.


Exposure to a higher portfolio return than money funds thanks to the duration range of up to 1 year, but without assuming an excessive interest rate risk. Managers can take advantage of the investment opportunities of the short and middle section of the rate curve to optimize the profitability obtained.

ECB monetary policy decisions are monitored to see the impact they can have on rates and, according to the positioning that is adopted at all times, we are looking for the best way to position ourselves to maximize the profitability of the portfolio, but with a risk Controlled.

The yield of March Patrimonio CP was +0.11% in September compared with -0.03% for the Euribor 12m. Year to date, the fund’s yield is +0.03% and the index is -0.18%.

Overall, there was little activity over this period, focused on the money market due to a greater supply of primary products centred on commercial paper, both guaranteed by the Official Credit Institute and unguaranteed.

The sectors with the most weight are financial, government and consumer discretionary. By country, the fund focuses its investments in Spain, Italy and France.

The portfolio’s IRR is at 0.41%, with a duration of 0.79 years.

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Marta González Labián

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

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Francisco Herrero Pérez-Griffo

Head of Fixed Income

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