March Europa Bolsa, F.I.

What is it?

  •  The Fund invests in European Equities via a value investing philosophy.
  • The fund selects high quality companies with attractive valuations, strong fundamentals. They are differentiated from their competitors by added value, differentiated characteristics and represent a buying opportunity.
  • The fund does not follow any benchmark.

Why to invest?

  • The fund has exposure to European equities within a well diversified portfolio, investing in companies where our conviction
  • The fund’s Value strategy gives the portfolio a more conservative profile, with lower volatility than the market, and a sustained appreciation of companies with strong positioning in their sector and region.
  • The March A.M. investment team has a long experience managing this asset class with remarkable accomplishments in terms of risk /return.
  • We do not follow any benchmark, and are not constrained by any sector or geographical limits.
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