Torrenova Lux

What is it?

  • This is the most conservative fund in our fund range. It is a perfect example of long term co-investment with Grupo March, dating from the 1960s, where we share the same risks and wise decisions as our clients.Torrenova Lux is a mirror fund of the original SICAV, Torrenova de Inversiones, created more than 35 years ago.
  • The fund combines asset allocation and stock selection processes in order to beat the Euro CPI index by + 2%.
  • Stock selection uses fundamental analysis and “value” guidelines.
  • There is no currency risk is removed in its Equities investment, with the exception of specific situations where currency could act as a natural hedge to market fluctuations.

Why to invest?

  • The fund’s investment objective is capital preservation and value generation within a controlled risk framework.
  • The fund has broadly diversified portfolios across different asset classes so as to minimize unnecessary market risk. Our asset management model  is dynamic, with a wide range of exposure to equities and fixed income, and global, with investments not limited by geographic area, sector or financial instrument. The best way to preserve capital is to maintain it over inflation.
  • The fund does not follow any benchmark in order to determine stock weighting and sector or geographical allocation.



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