March Vini Catena

What is it?

  • The fund invests in global listed companies involved in the value chain of the wine industry. It DOES NOT invest in physical wine.
  • Once the investment universe is identified, comprising companies involved in the value chain of the wine industry, the manager selects high quality companies with attractive valuations, strong fundamentals and differentiated from their competitors (by added value, differentiated characteristics, etc), thus representing a “buy” opportunity.
  • The fund does not follow any benchmark.

Why to invest?

  • There is a Global trend favouring high quality wine, where demand is progressively higher and the offer is getting smaller, representing a very interesting opportunity for the final investor.
  • The “premium” characteristics of most of companies in this sector make it an interesting defensive investment compared to Global Equities.
  • The demand for fine wine is coming not only from developed countries, but also from Emerging Markets, increasing the probabilitys that companies related to this sector out perform in the long term.
  • The fund shows a low correlation to Equity Markets and lower volatility than Global Equities.



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