March Cartera Moderada, F.I.

What is it?

  • Its main investment objective is to invest in an investment fund basket with a medium term horizon (3 years), combining Fixed Income instruments with Equities with the aim of obtaining  superior performance, assuming a moderate risk level.
  • This investment profile moedrately tolerates markets volatility and the maximum exposure to Global Equities funds would be 40% of its assets.
  • Maximum volatility of the fund is 6% (annualized).
  • Having the aim to find the most suitable asset for every type of investor profile, these funds have the flexibility of investing in all types of underlying assets.

Why to invest?

  • Through only one fund, and depending on a predetermined risk profile selected, investors may obtain the same diversification as investing through a funds basket, achieving the desired level of global exposure, and with a remarkably easier operation.
  • This fund suits clients who trust March A.M.´s management quality and track record, selection capabilities and sound jusgement: “We decide to decide”.
  • Assigning the underlying asset selection to March A.M. investors allows portfolio managers more agile decision making in volatile markets.
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