March Cartera Conservadora, F.I.

What is it?

  • This fund is aimed at investors with a moderately risk averse profile, who are willing to assume some level of Equities exposure.
  • The maximum exposure to Equities would be about 25%, implemented through Global Equities investment funds (internal and external), with the rest of the portfolio invested in Global Fixed Income or Absolute Return funds.
  • The fund objective is not to exceed a volatility of 3%, while maximizing the fund´s performance.
  • Aims to find the most suitable asset for every type of investor. The funds have the flexibility to invest in all types of underlying assets.

Why to invest?

  • Through one fund, and depending on a predetermined risk profile, investorsobtain the same diversification as investing in a funds basket. They achieve the desired level of global exposure with greater operational ease.
  • This fund suits clients who trust March A.M.´s proven management quality and track record, as well as selection capabilities and sound jusgement: we decide to decide.
  • Assigning the underlying assets selection to March A.M. investors allow ortfolio managers a more agile decision making, being able to react quickly to volatile markets.
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