March Patrimonio Corto Plazo, F.I.

  • The Fund will invest 100% of its total exposure (either directly or indirectly via Investment Funds) in public and / or private debt without any predetermination regarding the exposure to each of them (including deposits and money market instruments listed or non-listed, which are liquid).
  • The fund will not have currency risk exposure. Bond issuers and the markets listed, are mainly from countries in the Eurozone, without discarding other OECD countries. Its average duration is 1 year.
  • Credit institutions distributing deposits and fixed-income issues will have a rating higher or equal to the Kingdom of Spain´s. However, it may invest up to 25% of its total assets in lower credit quality (High Yield). In the case of non-qualified issues, we would attend to the issuer´s rating.
  • It may invest up to 10% in fixed income Investment Funds being a suitable asset, harmonized or not, belonging to the same group of March A.M. or not. The maximum exposure to market risk by using derivatives is the net assets level.

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