Investment Process


Active and direct management

Our portfolio construction aims to maximize the Investment team’s high conviction best ideas, within the overall framework of our Investment policy and the specific risk level of each strategy.

For our equity holdings, we aim to select firms from a global universe which offer attractive valuations as well as a sustained, solid fundamentals over time.




We consider risk management and control key so both, the Risk and Control Director as well as the Investments Director supervise the portfolios´ positions, regulatory risks and operative processes, reporting to the Risks Committee.

March A.M. has intensively invested in systems over the past years to ensure our standards and controls reach the highest quality in the market. Our overall risk control set up is comprehensive, covering all different types of risk.

Risk/Return equation is one of the main factors directing March A.M.’s management. At all times we expect to be rewarded by any risk assumed in a portfolio.

Portfolio Managers continuously monetarize their positions reviewing them when perceiving any strange behavior from them (negatively as well as positively).